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Midwifery Care

I provide comprehensive midwifery care across pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period up until your baby is six weeks old.

I support families who plan to birth at home and continue to provide care if hospital birth becomes the safer option, during pregnancy or birth. (If you plan to birth in hospital from the outset, please contact my colleague Rhonda Bradley from By Your Side Midwifery.)

All pregnancy and postpartum visits are held in the comfort of your own home for 1-1.5 hours. This allows for time to build a trusting relationship, to tailor services to meet you and your family’s unique needs, and to provide optimal clinical care.

I offer one-off appointments to those wanting a midwifery touch, but not the whole package, available to families that already have a maternity care provider.

I also provide emotional and spiritual support as you navigate the childbearing journey and transition to parenthood during each visit. For more details of additional offerings, please explore Complementary Services.



I have admitting rights to Geraldton Regional Hospital and work in collaboration with other midwives, GPs and obstetricians, and other health professionals if required.

I organise all pregnancy, birth or postpartum investigations including blood tests and ultrasounds that you may need or choose to have as part of your maternity care, as well as prescribe any relevant medications for you and baby.

Our first appointment is a free, no-obligation 30-Minute Discovery Chat which allows us to discuss your unique situation and assess the appropriateness of private midwifery care for you. This conversation is a valuable opportunity for you to ask any questions about the provided services.

In addition to your midwife appointments, you may choose to see a GP Obstetrician of your choice. If there are any factors that require a consultation or referral, I will seek to collaborate with your chosen GP Obstetrician. (Please note that GP Obstetricians charge separately for their services.)

I endeavour to support all families seeking the benefits of private midwifery care. For families experiencing financial hardship, please make contact to discuss alternative fee structures.

Midwifery Care

Total fees inclusive of all care - Pregnancy, Labour and Birth, Postpartum, and being on-call for you throughout your journey.

After the payment of your upfront fees, all appointments are bulk-billed, so there are no additional midwifery fees (a fee of $500 will incur for a second midwife to attend the birth at home as per the requirements of the homebirth legislation).

$5,550 AUD


Pregnancy Care

All visits are in the comfort of your own home. Schedules of care are individualised for each family, however it may look similar to this:
- Monthly until 32 weeks
- Fortnightly until 38 weeks
- Weekly or more until birth
$500 due upon booking to secure your place with the remaining $1,500 due at 20 weeks of pregnancy. Individual (one-off) pregnancy appointments are available at $220. 

$2,000 AUD


Labour & Birth

I will care for you in labour until the birth of your baby and the first several hours following birth. I leave once you are all tucked into bed, snuggled close.

Fee due by 36 weeks. (An additional fee of $500 will incur for a second midwife to attend the birth at home as per the requirements of the homebirth legislation, paid directly to the attending midwife.)

$2,500 AUD


Postpartum Care

Comprehensive postpartum care with visits on days 1, 2, 3, 5, 7-10. Then weeks 3 & 6. Care includes all clinical care of you and your baby as well as feeding and lactation support.

If you choose, a Sacred Postpartum Ceremony may be incorporated into your postpartum care, which supports the emotional and spiritual transition into motherhood.

Fee due by 6 weeks postpartum. One-off postpartum visits are available for $220.

$1,050 AUD


Why choose Midwifery Continuity of Care?

The scientific evidence for midwifery continuity of care is overwhelmingly in favour of the model. Women who have continuity of care from a known midwife are more likely to have a positive birth experience and to feel more confident in themselves, and satisfied with their experiences.

They are also:

  • more likely to have a normal vaginal birth

  • less likely to use pharmacological pain relief

  • more likely to go into labour spontaneously (less likely to have an induction of labour)

  • less likely to experience a caesarean birth, assisted birth (vacuum or forceps) or severe perineal trauma

  • more likely to breastfeed and continue to breastfeed for longer

  • less likely to experience postnatal depression or birth trauma.

Further, their babies are less likely to be born prematurely or to be admitted to the special or intensive care nursery.

For a summary of the evidence provided by the Australian College of Midwives see here.


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