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Do I need a referral?

No you do not need a referral for Midwifery care with Soulful Birth. Cath will refer you to a GP Obsterician, Obstetrician or allied health professional if required.

Is homebirth safe?

According to the evidence (research literature and practice) homebirth for healthy women, experiencing an uncomplicated pregnancy is as safe, if not safer than hospital birth. 

The Raising Children Network provide a brief summary of homebirth as a birthing option in Australia.

Read the Australian College of Midwives' statement on planned homebirth.

Listen to the recording of the online live panel discussion Homebirth is not just for hippies (2021) with Hannah Dahlen (Professor of Midwifery), Dr. Vijay Roach (Obstetrician, President of RANZCOG), Nikita Gardiner (Midwife in Private Practice), and Kristyn Begnell (President of Homebirth Australia).

Do you offer Medicare rebates?

All appointments are bulk-billed for you, so after the payment of your upfront fees, there are no further midwifery costs to you, no matter how many appointments you or your baby require. There is a medicare rebate for birth that occurs in hospital with a Private Midwife of approximately $580. Medicare rebates do apply for any individual (one-off) Midwifery care appointments.

Does my Private Health Insurance cover midwifery fees?

Your private health fund may offer cover for the following Medicare items (Midwifery Care items): 82100, 82105, 

82110, 82115, 82120, 82125, 82135, 82140. You will need to contact your health fund to find out if you're eligible.

Do you travel beyond Geraldton?

There is a travel fee beyond 20 minutes from the Geraldton CBD, charged at $60 per hour ($1 per minute). For example, if you live 45 minutes from Geraldton CBD, the travel fee would be calculated as 25 minutes each way, equaling $50 per visit.

Don't see an answer to your questions here? Contact Cath.

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