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Feel held and nurtured as you journey through pregnancy, birth, and transition into parenthood.


Birth Story Integration and Healing Session
AUD $220.00  |  2 hours

Would you like to gain new perspectives of your birth story? Birth is one of life's most profound and powerful events, with the potential to heal or highlight deep wounds within us. A traumatic, unexpected, challenging or difficult birth can evoke patterns, memories and a range of emotions which can linger for years, even lifetimes, manifesting in different ways.

Birth Story Healing is a gentle guided process that helps you, the storyteller, find insight, resolution, new meaning and healing in relation to a disappointing, traumatic or 'sticky' pregnancy, birth or postpartum experience. The process enables the storyteller to move from shame, blame or guilt, through to actively finding new solutions and to reclaiming compassion for herself, and everyone touched by the birth. 

This session is also particularly valuable for all parents in preparing for a subsequent birth – to make space for the new experience to unfold


Sacred Postpartum Session
AUD $240.00  |  2 hours

In wise cultures and traditions, the newly birthed mother is welcomed back into the fold of her community and honoured for the journey she has taken to meet her new baby. A Sacred Postpartum Session can be one-on-one, or include members of the new mother's community – her close friends and loved ones.

The session includes ritual and ceremony, tailored to meet the newborn mother's needs and tastes, but may include a postpartum herbal/flower bath, yoni steam, massage, moxibustion, belly binding, storytelling and a 'closing of the birth' ritual. This is a beautiful gift for any new mother and is suitable from one week postpartum until many years later.


Birth Preparation and Mentoring Session
AUD $240.00  |  2 hours

Grow your knowledge, confidence and flexibility for an informed, autonomous and empowered birth experience. Birth Preparation and Mentoring sessions are comprehensive prenatal preparation sessions that are dynamic, fun, informative and thought-provoking. 

I work with you to build a foundation for birthing with awareness and presence, no matter the circumstances of your birth. I provide a supportive space for you to explore the birth options that are right for you. 

My extensive experience in varied birth settings having attended hundreds of parents through pregnancy, labour and birth, and into the early weeks postpartum, is an invaluable asset as you grow your confidence and understanding of the birth landscape. You don't need to navigate the terrain alone.

Sessions can complement or replace traditional hospital antenatal classes. 


Mother Blessing
AUD $280.00  |  2 hours

Gather with close women friends and family to celebrate you and the life growing inside of you as your transition to motherhood.

I facilitate a nourishing, deep and connected ceremony which can include massage, henna, storytelling, labyrinth creation, birthing beads, prayer flags, commitments to you and baby and the sharing of food and wisdom for the mother-to-be.

The Mother Blessing is a meaningful alternative or addition to the baby shower. It is a perfect gift to the mother-in-making – honouring her journey and gifting her strength, community and love as she embarks upon this great journey to meet her baby.

The Mother Blessing is held at a mutually agreed location (usually the mother's home or at a loved-one's home or somewhere in nature). All information is provided to your guests, so that you don’t need to organise anything. Sit back and relax, and soak up the feminine energy, wisdom and support of your women-tribe.


Lactation Support
AUD $220.00  |  2 hours

(If your baby is less than 7 weeks old, a Medicare rebate applies of approximately $70.)

Feeding your baby can be challenging. I am passionate about breastfeeding and offer in-home lactation support to help you through those first days and weeks of breastfeeding.

I stay as long as is needed to witness a full feed, take a detailed history and hear your story. I offer tweaks and suggestions to support your feeding goals. I ensure you have a feeding plan that makes sense and feels right to you. I also refer you on to specialists and other therapists if required.

Breastfeeding is one of the most rewarding and intimate yet challenging experiences of motherhood. Often there are many factors that affect breastfeeding beyond the physical, including emotional and spiritual aspects. My postpartum lactation support includes an exploration of these factors, supporting you holistically.


Are you ready to embrace your birth journey?

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