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Cath is an Endorsed Registered Midwife providing Private Midwifery Care to women and their families. She offers continuity of care across pregnancy, labour and birth, and the postnatal period, from the moment you engage her services through to baby being 6 weeks old. 

Cath has visiting rights to the local hospital and works in collaboration with GP obstetricians, with support from consultant obstetricians, the hospital and other health professionals when needed. Cath will organise any pregnancy, birth or postpartum investigations including bloods and ultrasounds, as well as prescribe any relevant medications for you and baby.

As a Privately Practicing Midwife, Cath works closely with her colleagues Rhonda (By Your Side Midwifery) and Sophie (Your Midwife Sophie) to support you to birth at your chosen location, home or hospital.

All antenatal and postnatal visits are in the comfort of your own home for 1-2 hours depending on what's needed. There is plenty of time to build a trusting relationship, to find out what is important to you and your family and to provide all the clinical care that is required for a healthy pregnancy. Cath also works to support you pscho-emotionally as you navigate the childbearing journey. For information on Cath's complementary offerings, explore her list of services.

Midwifery Fees: total fee inclusive of all care - $5000 for hospital birth, $5500 for homebirth

All antenatal and postnatal appointments attract a medicare rebate (approximately $45 per antenatal, $55 per postnatal), which you can claim back after each appointment. Birth in hospital also attracts a medicare rebate of approximately $450. There is currently no rebate for birth at home.

Fee breakdown:

$1500 antenatal care - Schedules of care are individualised for each family, however an example schedule of care may look similar to this, with a minimum of 10 visits:


Monthly until 30 weeks

Fortnightly until 38 weeks

Weekly until birth

In addition to your midwife appointments, you may choose to meet a GP/Obstetrician of your choice. If there are any factors that require a GPO consult or referral, we will seek collaboration with your chosen GPO. Cath will accompany you to these visits if required. If your pregnancy remains low risk, it is suggested that you see your GPO at 26 weeks and again at 40 weeks (in the case of needing to book an induction), and more frequently if needed. (Please note, the GPO will charge separately to these Midwifery Fees for their services).

$2000 labour and birth care - plus $500 for a second midwife to attend if you are birthing at home as per the requirements of the homebirth legalislation. Cath will care for you in labour until the birth of your baby and the first few hours following birth. If she is required for longer than 12 hours, fatigue management requires Cath to handover to another midwife. Cath will endeavour to stay with you as a support person, but beyond 12 hours, will no longer be responsible for the clinical care of you and baby.

$1500 postnatal care - once or twice daily visits for the first 5 days, then weekly visits until 6 weeks. You are encouraged to visit a GPO of your choice at 10 days postpartum and again at 6 weeks if needed.

Please contact Cath to book your free, no-obligation 30 minute consultation in person or over the phone to discuss her Midwifery Services, your needs, and how she can support you.

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